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Are you charging for healthcare?

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How are we supposed to estimate a job and include healthcare costs when we don't know what it will be?

Many of these jobs probably wont even start being built for a couple of months and chances are the painters will not be there before next year.

If this healthcare passes it will be like the tobacco tax. It will happen overnight. There will be a lot of people getting burned. Even after it passes I bet it will take a long time before all of the competition starts including it in their bids and they will be getting the jobs until they do include it.

I can see the threads now, How much should I add to my unit price for healthcare? It is times like these that it is a good idea to understand your pricing so you can make adjustments when needed.

If you aren't charging for healthcare in your bids now Then chances are your bid is too low.

Has anyone added the qualification to their bid that the price doesn't include any government mandated healthcare costs?
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