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Are things back to normal yet?

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Is everyone else working again? I had no work for three weeks in April. I've been working six days a week for two months.

Hope y'all a gettin' some too!:clap: Work I mean.
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I have not framed a house this year. Working about 40% of the time. Remodeling stuff.
Feast or famine - Phone won't ring for a week, then 3 people call and want something done "today" and call someone else when I tell them I can't get to it until next week because I already took on enough work for this week. Then nothing for another week.
Has been off and on. Have a few projects lined up now, but always looking for more.
trimmed 2 houses this month and other small jobs here and there.
2 houses is more than I've done in about 6 months.
Starting to see houses being framed again, well at least in one subdivision
been busy all year, dunno why, I know I am not too cheap, compared against my competitors I am higher, it's been good for me so far
dunno. I haven't seen to much around KC. Seriously. And all the paint stores are nervous.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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