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Anyone know anything about Archadeck francise. Thinking about becoming one.
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Anyone know anything about Archadeck francise. Thinking about becoming one.
Archadeck e-mailed me after my original post, but i want to be contacted by anyone that has any dealings with them. Anyone contractor, francise owner or customer.
Personally I think construction franchises are kind of a joke. I know an individual who bought a home building franchise and lost over 200k by the time it was all over.

To me the biggest questions would be "What are you REALLY getting from them?"

I am intrigued by someone interested in a deck building franchise... Would you be interested in some email/phone coaching answers to questions you may have? I have been wondering more about getting into the consulting side of business. I of course do not want to help a competitor in my local market as this is still my full time business. Drop me an email with a list of your goals (as to why you want to buy a franchise) and lets see where we can go with this.
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I haven't heard a good word from people that did franchise. If your new in the business I "might" give it a try. If you are well established in your area and understand your trade how to run a business, I don't see no reason to go with a franchise. My friend Bobby Parks in Atlanta has a healthy deck business in that area. Before that he franchised for about 15 year with Archadeck. If you need to know anything about Archadeck than he is the men to talk to. I will tell you that leaving Archadeck was the best decision he made in his life.
His phone number is: 770 667 2650

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Archadeck snaged up a middle management dude from the phone Co over here he bought into it with no construstion background at all. We got together a few times as he explained it the owner only needs to be good at the business end and hire subs.

That was when I was making shows AD did put on a show with big screen video,fancy booth, uniformed guys all around him, lots of color handouts, just big time positive all around.He got in the paper,via AD, with a big composite job he and the subs built.

He dident make it a year and the payment to AD dident go away that easy. It could be this market the adverage Okie is put off by high preasure and suits when it comes to Construstion.On the flip side they do offer a lot of support and print out detaled plans,that have to be followed to the letter, any changes have to be sent back to them. Thats the way I understood it anyway. I offered to sell him my outfit,thought I might make a couple of bucks while he was on the learning curve, but as it turned out he couldent even make his own payment.
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If you are all ready in the deck building business, then what do you need them for?
A franchise sells systems that "work" I use that term loosely, because the point is to make them all the same, and that does not allow the flexibility I think is needed in each market. I would love to sell against a franchise here... I know that I could outsell them head to head 75%+ of the time.
A franchise can also bring name recoginition and the possible illusion that a big company stands behind the product.

The whole reason I started my own business is because I wanted to do things my way. I don't want somebody telling me what I need to do to make my business successful. That's my job, that's what gives me an edge over my competition. Profit margins are so low right now I can't imagine having to give a % to a franchise.
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OK. I'll weigh in a bit here.
When I first joined this group I was actually doing reasonably well, and I decided to start franchising. In that vein, I have done a LOT of research and planning.
Unfortunately, certain financial obstacles have come about, and I just have not been able to move forward.

If you already have a well established deck business, the only real advantage of joining Archadeck is name recognition.
If on the other hand, you are struggling, and leads are either hard to come by or hard to close, then joining a national brand might work for you.
(another)IF Archadeck has a well known name and good reputation in your area, and is a common presence in local advertising, as well as having an extensive web site for people to look at, it might be something to think about.

The main advantage of buying ANY franchise is the idea of a ready made business, which you run independently, but with someone in the back room (so to speak)holding your hand.
There are thousands of franchise operations in every conceivable industry. Food, training, gyms, wellness, food, mobility, old age care, food, construction, fashion, financial services, food.

Before you go and take the plunge with Archadeck, go to a few franchise shows to see what else is out there, research the whole concept on line, contact other ARchideck franchsies even if they are 3 states away. Do your homework.
By far, franchises are the most successful of new business startups, becuase they are not starting from scratch. The real key though is the franchisor. If the main operation is just churning to get the franchise fee (usually $25-50,000, plus training, tools, etc,) and current franchisees aren't enthusiastic, stay away.
If feedback is positive, then investigate further.

Please message me or email me if you have questions.

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