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Its a good attempt but missing out on some key on page seo techniques. For example dont use the company name in the page title at the beginning of it anyhow. Preferably not at all.

The site is small, build out residential and commercial services pages for every service you have. They could be sub pages of the parent page residential/commercial.

Your header is meh, get someone to make you a nice one.

There are better options then to use the search provided by wordpress that gives you results via analytics. The WP search doesnt operate very well in general.

The footer is nice but could use some "style"

I would disable comments as they dont translate to a bump in the serps and cannot hold a candle to what social shares and interaction can do for a blog post. If you have comments enabled and in 6 months there is none visitors notice.

Use WP date remover unless you can keep it updated consistently in the future...when you get sick of writing blog posts lol.

your blog is nice, nice linking, good use of words, good photos.

Im not a fan of the green background. I kinda think painting websites should have something resembling the color samples like at Lowes, or something. Or even spilled paint of different colors. Something creative I suppose.
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