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JBM has given you some good advice. I'll just add one thing...

Title tags are probably the single most important "simple" thing anyone can do with their website especially someone doing it on their own.

If there is one thing not to mess up it's your page titles.

Your homepage title right now is:

OC & LA Paint Contractor|Interior & Exterior Paint Specialist AQP

This is a messy title. You are also located in Fullerton California. You'll have a better chance at ranking locally if you focus here first.

Interior and Exterior Painting Contractor in Fullerton, CA | AQP <-- a better page title.

Your page description could read:

AQP is a painting contractor based in Fullerton California and serving all of Orange County. We focus on Interiors and Exteriors for Commercial and Residential clients. (169 characters)

You should be applying unique and descriptive titles to every page targeting a specific keyword(s) + location.
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