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Apples to Apples Price Match

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Does anyone here offer an Apples to Apples price patch?
I've considered offering one but I'm not sure if its a wise decision. We are a very professional company and impress most of our customers. I would say that the only reason someone would not use us is if our price is too high.

I thought offering an apples to apples price match would help people understand why others prices are lower and then give me the chance to match a lower price if someone does in fact beat me.

The danger comes in when my competition doesn't understand how to bid a job and sometimes they mess up. I guess I was thinking of offering a way out by saying we will match the price or give them $25 or $50... something like that.

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I remember typing out a response to this but must not have hit submit hard enough. Basically, if you offer apples-to-apples you're just another apple.

Even using identical materials, amounts, etc, when I come up with a price and present it, that's my price for that job. If I match a lower price then we have to change the scope of the job. That a whole 'nother basket of fruit.

When a customer starts talking about money and how they'd like to spend less, you have to change the focus of the conversation to quality and trust.

who do they trust to do the best job for their money?

Not the best money for the job. When you've presented yourself as that guy they can trust the most, the guy that will absolutely give them the best possible service that will last for years to come, price becomes less of an issue. They realize they'd have to be off their rocker not to use you.

Florcraft said:
When I think of apples to apples I am thinking of material only.
Any job will be more than the cost of goods. Your installers are apples too. Are your apples as good as the apples down at the local big-box? Are they as good as Mom and Pop's flooring. With material alone is't easy to get into the apples-to-apples trap, it's labor where you can dispell those myths.

Maybe Big Blue will beat my price. Heck, I almost guarrantee it! Their material price will be lower, they have buying power. Their labor prices might even be lower. They only charge $2/ft. here to install laminate. I don't even start that low.But I can still get the sales because they will never beat my installation. My customers know that I am worth every penny they pay me, while they could spend less elsewhere and still not get their money's worth.

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