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Apples to Apples Price Match

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Does anyone here offer an Apples to Apples price patch?
I've considered offering one but I'm not sure if its a wise decision. We are a very professional company and impress most of our customers. I would say that the only reason someone would not use us is if our price is too high.

I thought offering an apples to apples price match would help people understand why others prices are lower and then give me the chance to match a lower price if someone does in fact beat me.

The danger comes in when my competition doesn't understand how to bid a job and sometimes they mess up. I guess I was thinking of offering a way out by saying we will match the price or give them $25 or $50... something like that.

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I guess that if you're really hungry it works. Somehow I always picture Glass' 'soup kitchen' guys when I see the ads 'We'll beat all others prices'.
After seeing one of these guys proposals on a kitchen table, I've been tempted to really lowball just to make the guy eat his shorts.
I don't think that a reputable company should have to stoop to this. Like Grumpy said, sometimes it's just best to walk away.
Nathan, I get about 3 leads a day, most of which I can nullify over the phone.
Make yourself desireable and you will be doing this too.
My approach is that I do not want to be one of the 'rank and file'. I offer superior services to those that can afford it.
1 - 3 of 43 Posts
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