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Apartment Turnovers

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So this weekend we're painting 20 or so apartments, some up to 3 level 4 bedrooms.

I have a power roller setup, on my small airless sprayer, and some 18" rollers going as well.

Beyond this--any ideas for doing this very, very quickly? The ceiling is the same color. We'll cut in around plates. All will be done in a standard flat which matches the present paint.

I suppose two specific questions I have are

--would using a 3/4 inch nap help to go fast?

--will taping the baseboards with 1.5 inch tape (and no paper) help with speed--could we reasonably get by not taping?

I've painted for 20 years, off and on, and have done turnovers before, but would like to speed things up as much as I can.

Thanks for any input.

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Thanks for these responses. We started with sets of 18" rollers, moved to spray/backroll, then, with several very large apartments to paint in only a few hours, moved to spraying only--not even taping baseboards, just wiping them afterwards. Cut in some w/ 9" roller around lower plates, where soiled. Will go in today, now that move-in is done, to do touch ups for what we missed.

Thanks again. Next year--would spray again, w/ a better system--taping or other--to avoid having to wipe down bases.

Let me respond to a few of these posts. Really it worked out pretty well. Although I was told it would be up to 20 apts, determined by management after move-out, it turned out to be about a dozen, as well as several in which we painted individual rooms and/or did touch ups only.

I should have been more clear--we rolled around closet/door casings as well. There were no window casings, and we ignored kitchens at the end to hit this week--my goal was to get maximum wall coverage--saving much time from what it would have been this week. Bathrooms were not part of the 2nd half of the project.

Again, I stayed away from casings with the sprayer, and we checked for overspray afterwards--it went pretty well and I''d do it again.

Thanks again for feedback.
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