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Apartment Turnovers

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So this weekend we're painting 20 or so apartments, some up to 3 level 4 bedrooms.

I have a power roller setup, on my small airless sprayer, and some 18" rollers going as well.

Beyond this--any ideas for doing this very, very quickly? The ceiling is the same color. We'll cut in around plates. All will be done in a standard flat which matches the present paint.

I suppose two specific questions I have are

--would using a 3/4 inch nap help to go fast?

--will taping the baseboards with 1.5 inch tape (and no paper) help with speed--could we reasonably get by not taping?

I've painted for 20 years, off and on, and have done turnovers before, but would like to speed things up as much as I can.

Thanks for any input.

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What about wall prep?
there isn't wall prep in repaints for apartments aside from taking a palm full of 20min mud and walking around pushing it into nail/pin holes. IF it is knockdown there is no prob, if it is smooth a small wait and lite scuff and you are golden. Painting apartments is just covering the stink on poo...
They don't at least clean the walls?TSP?
If I would have cleaned that room up you would have needed another hazmat crew for all the barf....:sick:
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