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Apartment Turnovers

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So this weekend we're painting 20 or so apartments, some up to 3 level 4 bedrooms.

I have a power roller setup, on my small airless sprayer, and some 18" rollers going as well.

Beyond this--any ideas for doing this very, very quickly? The ceiling is the same color. We'll cut in around plates. All will be done in a standard flat which matches the present paint.

I suppose two specific questions I have are

--would using a 3/4 inch nap help to go fast?

--will taping the baseboards with 1.5 inch tape (and no paper) help with speed--could we reasonably get by not taping?

I've painted for 20 years, off and on, and have done turnovers before, but would like to speed things up as much as I can.

Thanks for any input.

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NON-BEVEL ROLLER COVERS absolutely awesome for exactly what you're doing. You can bump and roll after you spray, you have to look at a cover to see what im saying. The nap goes all the way to the edge, its not tapered in like most covers. Great for getting into corners so theres minimal brush work needed.
Who would want that ? I like it when my guy on back rolling has an 18" frame and just grinds the hell out of the corners with it, gives me something to do.
I prefer BIN for brains, Kilz sometimes lets the cerebral cortex come back through.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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