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I have a daughter who is in high school and her group is doing a fundraiser for a trip overseas next year. It got me to thinking about using fundraisers as a marketing approach.

Maybe something like this: Print up some brochures and explanatory letter for the students to hand out to prospective clients. Have the students distribute them. As customers come in from this, track them and let the student know of the progress. When the job is complete, send a percentage to the school or group or whatever.

I know this is a very brief explanation, but I am still pondering it. Anyone tried something like this? Any experiences to pass along?

I suppose this approach could be used for other types of groups - various team sports, church youth groups, anyone group that wants a way to raise money...

Also, I don't think this would work for large projects. We install granite countertops (which are still very popular around here). Can't imagine this working for a house remodel...but maybe it would work for something defined and contained (house painting, new windows, countertops, etc.)

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