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Anyone signed up with Yelp?

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Am thinking about signing on with Yelp. They want $300.00/month with a 12 month contract or $325.00/month for a 6 month contract. I am leary because I hate contracts. A buddy of mine has a muffler shop and he loves the results he's had. I am tring to convince them to do a monthly contract so I can test drive their service.

Any thoughts out there or anyone with firsthand knowledge?
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Thanks for the input. We are listed on Yelp but come up on the 3rd page. My wife has also been working on google and we come up # 1 in the contractors, bathroom remodeling and remodeling for our town.

I will look into the adwords as that may help for other search words (something I'm new at). Is there a way to get to the top in nearby towns? We currently aren't paying anything for google. Would it benefit us to pay for adwords?

Again, thanks for the input.

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