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Anyone remember a post about a deck with a firepit

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I've searched the Decks and Fencing thread but it may have been in another thread. Best I recall it was a two level deck with a landing and a fire pit at the bottom of the stairs. Beautiful work, but I can't remember who posted it. Seems like the title was something like, "took me all summer to build"

I wanted to show it to my wife and change her mind about the cheap looking fire pit that she saw at sLowe's.
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Thats the one. Thanks Willie T
Deck Builder in Columbia MO

I hope you do find what you are looking for. It is good that you are thinking of other ideas about the look of your deck. A deck builder should not neglect the quality of the materials used in deck, porch or fence installation especially here in Columbia MO because this will come back to haunt you for sure.
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