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Anyone got pictures of cube vans and shelf set-ups

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Well, busted my right knee last weekend so hired another guy. figured I better go out and get another truck too and put maggot and new guy together in their own rig and I can use the other truck for babysitting and starting/working/finishing other jobs Ended up with a 89 E-350 cube van with 17' box with the 7.3 diesel for only $4500 :Thumbs: brand new tires, interior good as new and overall great shape-looked at 6 other on the lot before buying this one.

Anyways, this will be the work horse of the fleet carrying literally everything I can fit into it so I have EVERYTHING I need for those unexpected issues we always have pop up. Plan is to build floor so it just covers drivers side wheel well and runs full length of van box (14') this way I can strap the windows/doors/etc....on that side. Section over the cab I want a hinged 4 or 5" ledge so I can put my saws and other misc. BS up there out of the way. Then the pass side I want a shelf system covering approx 10' for all the other stuff, nail gun, nails, screws, hand tools, etc...area in front want to have place to put shovels/rakes/vaccum cleaner and shop vac. Also thinking about making some kind of pull out rack for my brake to keep it stored out of the way until needed so that's always on baord as well.

Cant beat the big billboard advertising, but would like to see some ideas on how others have theirs set-up. Construction might start tomorrow, kinda hard moving around with full length leg brace and a crutch:)