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Anyone ever enclosed a landscape trailer to make a cargo trailer?

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I am thinking about enclosing my spare 6x12 landscape trailer with corrugated steel siding roofing and trim and making the walls and roof removable in case I change my needs or do something seasonal with it.

Stories and tips please.
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Its going to get heavy if you dont use aluminum
about 400 sqft of sheeting for a 16 ft trailer plus trim plus frame plus door hardware

I could see $1200 into materials easily, can find enclosed trailers for not much more
If you plan on using it for work, I would recommend buying one that looks professional. A good business sign is a sign of a good business. There was this guy in our town who painted his own sign on his truck. It looked like his kids had done it. Hard to get premium dollars for your work if you look like you never made over 15 dollars an hour. Just saying. Sell the trailer and buy the one you want or try a trade on your local trading site like craiglist.
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Friend of mine said screw it and cleaned out his horse trailer and uses that for an enclosed trailer. If he needs to move a horse he borrows his brothers horse trailer.
I've never seen one that looked professional, and my guess is that it will weigh too much when complete.
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