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Anyone been audited yet by the EPA?

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I haven't yet, just wondered if anyone else has.
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I know of a company working these parts, flipping homes, that did recently. They're pretty big, originally a heating/air company out of Nevada. Now they still do heating/air around here also, but for flipping they started a new corp for the flip business, and a separate corp as Realtor. Let's just say they got caught up in a number of suits, which ended up dragging the EPA into their records as well.
My brother who owns a structural pest company that handled a lot of their inspections around here was asked for paperwork for several of the properties they were involved in.
Haven't heard yet what the outcome was, but knowing the work that was being done....I'd expect to see their name on a list of companies that have been busted/fined.
You can always pull up a search here:

Though I don't see anything since the last time I wrote about it back in 2012:

I know NARI was looking at writing a piece on it & having issues finding info from any of the self managed states - the only real active state I know of going after people is Massachusetts
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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