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Anybody want to invest in a concrete batch plant?

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I need to open up a concrete batch plant!

I needed to pour a pad for the hot tub, ended up being just shy of a yard of concete. It took 6 calls to concrete plants before I found one that would work with me.

One said to call back around the end of July, they weren't doing any COD now, and were only dealing with their current accounts, and weren't taking on any new ones until maybe the end of next month! These guys had an ad in the yellow pages saying, homeowners welcome! No project too big or small!

Another one said there minimum was 2 yards which was about $160, but they also had a $200 minimum charge, huh?

One of them wouldn't even answer their phone?

But it all worked out, they outfit I ended up using was priced pretty good and they didn't even charge me extra for the extra time it took for me to wheel barrow it myself. Nice guys, I'll be using them again. Put them in my contractor bible.

It beat the hell out of mixing it myself from scratch, or God forbid using sack crete! Ugh, my back hurts from just thinking about it!
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