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Anybody use T-mobile?

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Anybody use T-mobile for cell service. I've been looking between T-mobile, Verizone and Spring and T-mobile's rates for the same services are about 40% less expensive.

What's the catch? Crappy coverage?
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My wife works for Verizon, so I guess I am a little biased, but I have used the other carriers and as far as it is for coverage in my area at least, verizon is the best, that and they have the family and friends package you get 10 numbers that are the same as mobile to mobile, and there is no roaming, a plus, a good buy if you ask me...
Yeah, out here you get all you are talking about with T-mobile, they also don't charge for tethering and a bunch of other stuff. Seems too good to be true. The package I want is about $150 a month, the same ones with Verizon or Spring were well over 200.00
It's just like we say, you get what you pay for...:whistling

I would go with your gut, can't choose it for ya, and besides it's not like my wife will make commission off it anyway LOL
Mike, my wife used T-Mobile for 5 or so years and loved everything about them. I moved her over to my ATT account last year just to save on her phone bill since ATT has the add a line for $ I had 20,000 or some sick amount of roll over minutes that I wanted her to chew up.
I have used them since they were Voicestream - check their coverage area's, if they meet your needs - your golden. Customer Service is pretty good, etc... If you have multiple lines coming into your, the @Home service is good - I would still keep 1 regular phone line though still

My only complaint is they don't carry any "Ruggedized" phones
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I've had good luck with T-Mobile. As with any company, check the coverage map & make sure it covers your travel needs. In our case, our home is the weakest point of their coverage. At home, my kids, & wife get low bars, but my 6 yr old Samsung flip works fine. In the 9 counties I travel around here, I get good coverage, as I do most places I travel. Customer service has always been good to decent.

Check their coverage maps.

Since 1997, actually they were Voice Stream then. We have a family plan, set it up when the boys (2) were in college/hs. The minutes are shared between all the phones, calls between family members are not charged nor are evenings and weekends. They have worked well for us. The coverage is better (at least at the house) than Verizon (neighbors service).
Hi guys, in Colorado with all our mountains and stuff a nice pamphlet that shows you're in a coverage area doesn't necessarily mean much, it doesn mean that in reality you won't be dropping calls all the time. Sprint was notorious for having horrible signal here in Colorado back about 6 years ago. You'd be driving and you'd drop the call all the time.

Now adays there doesn't seem to be a player in the cell phone market with any difference in their coverages they show, but the real proof will be the dropped calls and weak signals.
Its really simple, i have T-Mobile, yes its cheaper, why---LESS COVERAGE, go for T-Mobile make sure you have a 30 day cancellation option, carry it around for a few weeks, see if the coverage works for you. Then keep it, or Dump it,G.
Wife and I have T-mobile, cheaper she says, how much I dont know. Coverage in central Oregon was spotty sometimes, here in Tulsa excellent.
My son and I have t-mobile, been with 'em for about 5 yrs. They've got good customer service:thumbup1:, and coverage hasn't been an issue for us.

Just my 2 cents.
Had ATT but kept getting droped calls all the time, there is nothing worse than getting a droped call when you are talking to a potential customer. Switched to Verizon, they are a bit more per month. But I have not had a droped call since I got it. (about 2 months now). ATT was a droped call every other call I made.
make sure u don't sign up for over a year.
U might want to buy the phone at some local dealer store and be able to go month to month
Well Mike as the others said go with your gut. Kudos to Gene on the 30 day Cancellation option! Every state and every cell phone company has horror stories as well as praises.I have had T-mobile for over 5 years now. Used all over Florida from Jacksonville to Miami,Daytona etc. NO MAJOR PROBLEM. Yeah I've had spoty reception at times but so does EVERY phone company. My friend has had Sprint for about as long goes from Georgia,Alabama Tennesse and Florida alot drops calls on occasion but is generally satisfied. Since most companies piggy back off of other cell towers as well as use thier own I would imagine that's why they all seem compariable depending on your region. Of course I've been to those "little" hills ya'll have(I think they're called the Rockies?) LOL and that probably throws a wrench in the whole deal!!! Go to a T-mobile customer forum. Some of them out your way might have a better grasp as far as the regional coverage and other pros/cons.(but keep in mind like: just like this site,you'll have to wade threw alot of off topic B.S if someone is PMSing! LOL)

My bill is $73 a month that's 400 Pic/Text messages Un limited minutes Free roaming Free Long distance and Insurance(WELL WORTH THE $6 dollars and $35 deductable since I'm on #26 or so) to go with a smart phone and add unlimited internet along with the above would be about $90-$100 my friends Sprint bill has the above and is about the same.

If equal coverage has been established phone choice is another. T-mobile G1 vs Blackberry vs Iphone is the top of the smart phone food chain. If I go with the G1 it's $149 (NO CONTRACT) and my bill jumps to the above mentioned(it's catch is it HAS to have internet or it doesn't work even as a phone!) Right now my latest phone is a Nokia 6133 and has survived a 26 story fall(sure it was on to grass and mud but COME ON 26 stories?!?! I've had phones implode falling off my hip!!)

Customer service for me has almost always been more than satisfactory! When looking for a plan/phone with T-mobile(as I'm sure is the same with the other carriers) SHOP AROUND! The brick and mortar store has different deals than the online store as well as customer service and independants (Best Buy,Wal-mart etc.) i.e. The G-1 online:$149 with a 2year contract. SAME PHONE at the local store:$149 NO CONTRACT!

Hope this long ass winded reply has helped some what :)
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I started using T-Mobile last fall using a Google phone. Coverage in and around Houston has never been a problem and as everyone else says, customer service has been good. Up until just the last few weeks they didn't have much hold time either. Lately they have.

They serve my purposes well.
i am not sure where you are but here in california verizon is best for me. you may save some with other cheaper ones but you will get what you pay for.
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