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Anybody need a grinder

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With shipping to my location, that would be $31. For that price, I can pick up a brand new Bosch which would most likely last at least as long, if not longer.
Bosch for $31??? Where are you at???

Around these parts, you looking at least $50 for any name brand with the exception of the 2 pack deals if you can find em. Hell , even Ryobi is $40. AT the local tool supply (Dynamite Tool) the Hitachi is $47, and the bosch 1375 is $49

BTW, the link was for new, NOT reconditioned, they are already on backorder.
for $25 could you go wrong???
I've used that particular model before, and I wouldn't give a buck for a brand new one. Something about the grinder not shutting off immediately when the power switch was released.... Let off the switch, wait 2-3 seconds, the switch slides back, and the grinder starts slowing down.
Bosch for $31??? Where are you at???
MY location is in my profile. Where are you? :laughing:

We've been doing a large tuckpointing job for the last few weeks, so I'm tuned in to the prices. You have to be, when you're burning 'em up every 5-7 days.

I don't have any model numbers handy, but I can definitely get Bosch and Ryobi for $31 or less, in singles. Tried a two-pack of Bosch for $80, and the first one died in three days. :censored: Jury's still out on the second one.
Long Island, NY, the place where everything costs more.:thumbsup:

I wasn't endorsing the grinder, just was pointing out that it was cheap given the fact that is was a decent brand. I'm not a mason, so I don't use a grinder often. My dewalt is probably 8 yrs old and still going.
Long Island, NY, the place where everything costs more.:thumbsup:.
Sucks to be you. I lived there 2.5 years didn't like it there. My sisters still live there though.
I wasn't endorsing the grinder, just was pointing out that it was cheap given the fact that is was a decent brand.
Ah. Yeah, there aren't too many places more expensive than LI.

I did overlook the fact that that price wasn't for a refurb. For brand new, that's about as good as it gets outside of Harbor Freight. :thumbsup: Just not a really extraordinary deal compared to a couple I've found at the box stores.

I'm no mason either; just fell into this commercial tuckpointing job and found myself doing a lot of homework in a short time. The Makita I had already used for 3-4 years actually lasted just as long under full-time use as the ~$30-$40 bargain grinders, so I'd have no problem endorsing that.

I really think that for casual use, just about any of 'em are fine. Just balance out the price with what feels good in your hand, and you're good to go.
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