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I got an advertisement to a "goodlife" expo, which is basically an expo of "luxury to extreme and everything inbetween".

At first I'm looking at this brochure... there will be exotic cars, rec vehicles, cigars, outdoor ultimate toys, golf, luxury homes and anything else represented that represents the good life, and I'm thinkng - Damn, these boys got some balls spending the dough putting on something like this in these times! :eek:

Looked at the website and saw that they got John Elway on the ticket advertising their 'man cave', I imagine they will be shilling all kinds of high tech goodies and gadgets that would go in the ole man cave, but it got me thinking...

... building man caves... hmmm now that's a niche market for sure.

Anybody ever thought about becoming the go to guy as the premier man cave builder in your market? Might be a pretty small market, especially right now, but think of the fun it might be to be involved building for guys/guys their ultimate guys extravagance. Some pretty fun possibilities. :thumbup:

Think about what you might offer if you had to maybe come up with 2 or 3 starter man cave themes or packages?
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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