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Any thoughts on hand protection from GLASS?

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Jut started another new biz, installing windows and doors. Wondering if anyone knows of a good hand protection against sliced hands. Hasn't happened yet, but it will! I know there're gloves for electricians, etc. to protect from heat/electrocution. Thought there might be something similar for those in the glass trade....

Thanks !!
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I've found the best protection is callused hands. I couldnt cut my fingers or palms unless I tried
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Not trying to be a dik here but you are in the trade and asking how to protect your hands from glass cuts.I am a contractor,could you tell me the best way to protect my thumb from being hit with a hammer?
To answer your post,maybe some Kevlar gloves or those suction cup thingy's I see all of the pro glass guys using.
My window manufacturer requires employees to wear what looks like a chain mail shark suit.

Google showed several sites for glass protection safety clothing
Just see the glaziers wearing bamboo gauntlets and nitrile kevlar gloves.
Thanx everyone! Maybe I did sound a bit like a 'dik', but I really wanted to know about options. See if there are any better/newer products or something I hadn't thought of. Sorry to offend with a stupid question. And thanks for the tip on not hammering my thumb *snark*.

I've just been doing so many other construction/repair/remodel related things over the past 20+ years, I'm not completely up on the latest glass related protection. But I've got a partner who's been doing glass for almost 20 years and I'm the business/marketing/labor guy at the moment until I'm fully schooled.

Appreciate the help one and all! Even you Mako1.
BTW - I have multiple sets of PowrGrip suctions cups....they are insane. Gotta try some experiments soon...
I like your corgi avatar - I miss my pup :sad:
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