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Local 86 and 751

Specialty steel erection and rigging is the game, ELR is the name.
Small, small business in the west.
-Bridge/overhead cranes is the bread and butter.
-Specialty iron erection for TI, capital improvements, industrial contracting installations.
-Specialty rigging and installation. "how are we going to get this in there" is the first question asked by customers before they call us.
Long list of crane service companies, heavy haul and machinery movers are our partners.
-100% union Iron Workers and Millwrights (getting harder to find good MW's). Most of which are retired and can work 39 hours per month. With all the rich depth of experience, the nitche is the tough stuff.
-Low overhead keeps us competetive with non union outfits.
-Survive on repeat business. Even Alaska.
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