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Any input on the Pearl PA7 Wet saw?

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I have been taking my time selecting a quality tile saw after putting up with the inferior 7" Ridged saw, that I purchased a month ago from Homecheapo, luckily I was able to return it but right now I need a new one.

After looking around on some of the forums here and elsewhere pearl seams to make a great saw within my price range 400-600$ but before I hit the order button does anyone here have hands on experience with it? Is the saw loud, does the pump get clogged easy, any slop in the track when making a rip cut?
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You know that only does 14s point to point right? Pearl usually has decent stuff, no experience with their saws though.
There is another thread on here that pushed us to buy one. We love it.

We have a bridge saw for anything bigger but its rare that we need it.
I have that pearl, its a pretty nice saw. The only thing I did was change out the pump. The one that came with mine was like a fire hose, so I picked up one with variable spray to make it a tad neater.

It works great for most situations, but for some of the thicker larger tile I will bring out my mk-101

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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