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any help on the illinois residential exam?

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hey E-one, the new guy here, i'm preparing for the limited res. exam in illinois and could use some advice. as we all know the required mat. to study from is a bit pricey,i have purchased the pocket safety guide as well as the Roofing Construction and estimating book (incidently the 2 cheapest ones...), Can anyone tell me if these will contain a sufficient amount of info. that will be on the exam or no? or better yet, any recent test takers out there that may be able to coach me through? got all the "eggs in one basket" on this,so failure is not an option! got 10 yrs. hands on exp. everything thing from the good ol' grunt days to the estimating and bidding, any and all advice WILL be appreciated.
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My license may be up for sale at the end of the year, possibly for an upfront fee and residuals.

Just buy the books that they say to read. It's alot of reading but you should do it and not just for the test but for your own knowledge.

Search this forum and you'll find alot of advice.
license up for sale????

This is the first of buying or selling a license, Is this legal? How does this work. and what are the pros an cons of doing so? thanks for the reply grump, I posted a week ago and no one else has replied, guess no one wqants to help the new guy, your help is appreciated as will be any further advice. as for getting the manuals, not wanting to read them isn't at all the problem, the problem is the cost, right now anyway, im a lil' broke at the present time. but thanks again for the reply!!
It is mainly on what the NRCA recommends. Therefore, buy the study guides study, and you should do fine, it is not easy but not terrible, I talked to guys that have been roofing for many years, and didn't pass it on the first try. Just remember you have 3 years to pass it if you fail the first time.:thumbsup:
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