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Antique Windows

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I was going to post this in the windows section but thought finish carpentry might be better. I am working in an old barn from the 1850s we are repairing most of the building and are saving the windows for historic value. The jambs and channels are in alright shape. But the frames for the top and bottom sashes are shot. Im trying to find a way to rebuild them at the corners. I want something strong not just regular biscuits, i was thinking maybe a domino xl, or regular dowels. anyone have any ideas or think the dowels or domino xl is the best bet?
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I thought about tenons but the bottom rail of the sash is only 1 1/2 I don't know how big a tenon I could fit in there
Read here before doing anything:

Traditional reinforcement of the joints was done with a sheet metal dutchman on the inside face of the joint. If you do it on the outside face of the joint, it rots out. Gluing a tenon in isn't as bad, but it's still more prone to rot than the original pegged construction.

You should have multiple options for fixing the joints - consolidate them with epoxy without disassembling, disassemble and repair the pieces, then reassemble, tenons, dowels, and so on.

A lot depends on whether you want them to be truly restored and able to be taken apart easily in the future or not. I wouldn't worry too much about the strength of a through tenon - as long as it's pulled tight it's plenty strong.
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