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I have been on site most days and get a lot of good info but haven't posted so I am giving back,here goes;

Answers some of you have asked and will ask are answered from my personal experiences.

Blasting has been part of my business for 40 years.Yes I still do it and will till I drop cause its good money.I do DIB SODA MULTI-MEDIA

You can make good money with a 185cfm it has low fuel cost and easy maintenance ,if you need more volume rent another one and hook them both up together.If each compressor has two outlets ,that is all you need just 4 lines to run your pot and supplied air too.

You small guys can make $150 to$350 per hour for every hour you blast,don't get too excited and quit your day job cause you gotta find the work.

Do not be a nice guy and give away contacts or work without getting a signed agreement from other contractors, even Posters here (first hand experience) don,t payup or honor agreements

Do not buy specialized pots,dryers and expensive equipment unless you can afford it.Be a Multimedia Blaster-Do not limit yourself to one cubbyhole.Used equipment is everywhere.

More Questions? ask away.

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