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This one is for an upstairs guest suite above an existing one-story building.

Rectangular in plan, with an irregular hipped roof coming to a point at center, the view side has feature windows and a soft small eyebrow roof detail over just that edge. Ceilings are low, with perimeter soffits dropped so as to get added insulation at truss heels. Soffit detail is for doubled exposed tails at the 24-centers of trusses, t&g planking deck exposed to below. Ceiling has center vault that is arched, shown in the inside render.

Builder will shop-make and prefinish all tails, and the small little trusses that handle the near-outermost corner jacks. Engineered trusses will be purchased. Roofing will be standing seam steel, rollformed on site.

The eyebrow, only a 10.5-inch raise, is called "warped" because straight pitch lines spring directly from hips. Sketchup used for details, and SU can get the geomentry right. Chief Architect software used for plans, and Chief cannot warp a roof surface, but can do a canted brow well enough for doing plans and renders.


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Looks good, but it seams like it would be real tough running the v-groove decking over the warped sections, especially at 2' centers.

I would suggest framing the barrel section with ribs and running the v-groove perpendicular to the eaves so that they can conform to the curve easier.
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