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another q for artisan stone

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I was looking through pic on page 4 title mix of work I nioticed that there was stone or stamped concrete on the ceiling also in thread titled lil brick work u have vaulted style ceilings made of what looks to be plaster do u have drawings of the templets and techniques a person would need to do a vaulted ceiling of brick like u see in ny train stations and sewars its four peirsthat lead into arches that meet the centerof room then brick filled in between I know what it looks like but I dont know the best technique to accomplish the feat
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I think you may be describing "Catalan vaulting". This style of vaulting comes from Spain and was popularized in this country by Raphael Gaustuvino. It uses thin brick "tiles" in multiple wythes, and no formwork for erecting. As far as I know, it's been unused here since the '40s, with the exception of some guys from MIT that are looking to revive it as a building method.
(the web won't let me post a link 'cause I'm a newbie )
^^^ That is awesome!^^^

We have used 3/8" tumbled travertine tiles, cultured brick tiles, and in one case, antique clay roofing tiles cut into strips for brick-look vaulted ceilings.


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