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Another from Southwest MO

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Hello all,
My name is Johnnie and my wife and I own a commercial/residential construction cleaning company. We clean some homes, apt. complexes and offices. I was looking through some of the threads and this seems to be a very helpful and experienced group which is why I have decided to join. Thanks you for excepting us and our company into the group. Thanks,

Touches of Splendor
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Hey, Johnnie.. welcome to CT... There seems to be lots of useful info here.. Some really good people too...
Welcome to CT, mind putting your location in your profile? Thanks
Welcome to CT!

I think you will find adding your location will get you a lot further around here.

Whoops, now I see it in the thread title but still recommend you add it to your profile.
Thanks for the greet everyone

Hello all who responded and thank you for the greet. I have entered my location in my profile. Thanks everyone!

1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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