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Angie's list

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Hello I am a newly licensed general contractor in Oregon. I wanted to see if anyone has any input on Angie's list?
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Hello, personally I have no experience using Angie's list but I know a few who have and yielded mediocre results at best. I have used home advisor myself and got a few jobs but mostly just ended up paying for useless leads so I dropped it. I have always felt that the jobs I did get from online lead services have been because I was the lowest bidder! If by chance I am the lowest bidder on a job then I did something wrong. Long story short I dropped the service and strictly work by word of mouth. Best of luck!
I am thinking I don't need it either. Word of mouth seam to be working geart for me also. Thanks for your imput.
You may want to try joining your local chamber of commerce. We joined one a few years back and it has done pretty well for us.

Angies List may work for some, but not for all. They can give you data about searches and the users in your area. If the numbers add up it may be worth a test if you can get into a month to month agreement.

Just my two cents,

Mike Jones
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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