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The Outlet Wall concept is true wall wart nirvana
by Paul Miller, posted Jun 16th 2009 at 9:19AM

David Friedman's Ironic Sans blog is full of great ideas, but never have we been in such desperate need of rapid implementation as this Outlet Wall. We'd say the idea is pretty self-explanatory, making an art out of plugging in devices instead of fussing with a hidden tangle of cords and powerstrips on the floor -- we've lost many a friend and family member to the wilds behind our entertainment center. As David points out: "Of course you don't have to actually wire all the outlets on the whole wall for electricity, but you'd better come up with a good way to remember which ones are live."

original link at engadget:

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It is not the creation that makes it Art, although one can not separate the "Creation" from the message, it is the Message that makes this Art. That message being........

America and the rest of the World not so far behind, are imprisoned by our NEED for Entertainment and Communication. "The Digital Age"! Hence the entire wall(s) being made out of the Source of said Communication and Sustenance.

As with MOST ART that is NOT "Art for Arts Sake", there is a message being put forth.

Our reliance on Electricity, Gadgets, Instant entertainment and Communication, has us ALL IMPRISONED.

That very may well have NOT been the Artists Vision, but it is where I see the Art in this Creation.

There is one other IMPORTANT Message here.

TOP OF THE LINE GADGETS atop Cheap-Assed IKEA Disposable Furniture and Decorations. All very bland in Color and Style. Very Generic. Speaks VOLUMES about the Priorities of The World!
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