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analytics stats

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are these numbers good, bad, average???

also the same questions regarding the region and city drill downs
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I think the real question is how many conversions do you get off the web site - I saw your site & just had to call

I don't know about the 71% clicking out within the first 5 seconds - that would worry me some

The second set looks nice - unless that is for 10 or fewer visitors
Seems like there is a lot of room to increase conversion if the traffic is coming from legitimate sources (Google searches, industry partners etc.).
I wish I knew. I haven't checked mine in 2-4 months. Scared to! I do know the phone rings most everyday and mailbox stays busy, so I'm happy enough.
Only 13% of your visitors deem it a site worth coming back to, and 71% leave in the first 5 seconds?

Looks like you could use some improvement.

What should be comforting however, if you keep on pace traffic wise next year and convert just 5% of your visitors... you stand to pull in an extra 25 jobs.

Traffic without conversions is bumdiddly, bang away on it and good luck!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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