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Here are somethings reading gathered in which may, in parts, prove entertaining to you or good explanations to your customers.
This serves as small return for your kindness to me, which I appreciate.

**Effloresence (the opposite term is deliquesence btw).
This one would be good for customers.

**General Masonry publications
Here are a number of free .PDFs of value. The masonry institute also sells a
variety of specialty publications in their store.

**Chimney Liners

**Repointing and Repointing Mortars,d.cGE
An Enlish .PDF on repointing with lime mortars

**Chimney Caps

**Caulks & Sealants


Inspectapedia has tons of links and a lot of good information.
Here are two searches to show that:

Brick Coatings

NOT TRADE related me it will Wow you

Insect with mechanical gears that act in 30 millionths of a second discovered . Great pictures.

P>S> If anyone gets a chance to look at my last few questions in my posts on the "SNAFU" thread, thought would be appreciated.
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