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Admins, have you thought about adding an Amazon(or similar) link to the site?
This may belong to site suggestions, but I would also like to hear what other users think about it.

With the growth of online shopping for tools and supplies seems like a decent way to earn some $ for this site. I've used a referral link through another site that earned them about $1K just this past holiday season. I would rather my contribution go to a site like CT than one I read just to kill time.

Leaving the "support the local guy" out of this, since for some people/items there isn't a "local guy".

How many of us have gone looking for products after hearing reviews or learning about them here. I know I have, and it has led to purchases over the past couple months that would earn CT 4-6% (about $70-90 in my case).

Anyone have experience with this that would be willing to share?

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