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Alternative Stain/ Finish Techniques?

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I will be installing engineered planks (7" w x 5/8" x 1' to 8'), unfinished, with a 3/16" hickory lid, hand-scraping a bevel on sides and ends, staining dark and finishing.

The first picture is nearly the look they want. Note the matte finish. For reference, I added the second image, shot in the same light, showing 2 coats of satin Dura-Seal.

They do want it 'rustic', but they do not care for any 'chatter' (see image). In other words, they will add their own wear and tear by living on it. The customer desires a finish that they can maintain on their own, without needing to use standard sanding equipment. Oil-based/ wax finishes seem to fit the bill.

Has anyone had the pleasure of using such a finish?


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