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almost swallowed my tongue

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I was surfing the forums and I saw our website advertised at the banner at the top. I was thinking WTF? then realized it's a google add and we advertise on google.

Hmmm. Kinda lame! Our site is not relivant to anyone that would browse this web site. I hope nobody clicked it, it costs us money!
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Google searches the forums and tries to display relevant ads based on key words. Most of the time it does a pretty good job but sometimes its a little off. You wont be charged unless someone clicked on it.
I added your site to the filter list on google so it wont show up on my site anymore. It will probably take about a day or two for the changes to be made with google... I hope this helps!

On that topic though, keep an eye on that banner and click if the ads interest you. A click a day keeps my hosting bills away! :)

Thanks for the filter thing. It;s my bosses money but I take the success of our internet marketing and our web site (my baby) very seriously.

How much do they pay you per click?
I can't discuss that or they will cut me from the program.
No offense ;)

As a webmaster myself I can always go to their site to find out :) What a retarted policy of theirs. If I were them I would be broadcasting what people could make so more people would want to do it. But then again they could be paing 0.05% per click in which case we are talking about less than a penny per click...

Anyways I understand your reasons for silence.
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