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All the Wold's a Stage

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One of my favorite Rush albums. :thumbsup:

Alright, I know all of you have been anxiously waiting.....OK, I know you haven't.

I was designing this thing with the egg crate dividers and something didn't look right. The dividers were off center and an idea hit me, so I tried it out and modified it. It came out sweet. I used less materials, came out of it with less parts to make and install, and it is completely fastener free. It floats there, it's heavy enough to stay put, and it is one rugged beast.

I used 3/4" MDO, paper both sides. Made one heck of a lot of sawdust.

The top panels are like mini floor systems with one "joist" down the middle. Basically 12" OC. The are half notched everywhere to lock into place. With these locking notches, the stage is self squaring.

I even put numbers, letters, and "hey dip ****, this is piece #1" It is virtually idiot proof. There's a total of 4 unique parts. They are all interchangeable so even if you are an idiot, then it will still work!

It takes about 5 minutes to assemble with one person when all of the parts are there. 16' x 8' total size. Bands are gonna love this size.

Here's the disassembled stack. 32" high.

Right hand side, 5 pieces. 2 front to back, 3 side to side in the egg crate fashion. Basically created a center beam.

Both sides done. This picture came out better. You can see the notching in the tops I did.

Panels drop right in to the notches. Locks everything into place. I forgot to take a picture of the underside of the top panels. Yes, the floor is out of level...badly. I have to go back and put little rubber feet on this to flatten it out some. It's better than it looks for flat.

Here is the CAD design for the panels. 3" high "joists" half notched to go over the base panels. I put dado's on the underside of the panel. Glue it and screw it.

Mike....thank your father for me. It is a great idea. It works beautiful.
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Perfect execution in my opinion!
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Very nice! :thumbsup: My drums would actually fit on that stage! :whistling
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Very nice young man :thumbup:

You are a clever one :thumbsup:
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Awesome, framerman! I'd love to try it out, but I don't think it could handle the awesomeness of my Guitar Hero skills :w00t: ... Ok, then again, maybe it could. It looks pretty stout ... Really nice design!
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Thank You everyone. This one was a head scratcher for me for a little while. Making something that needs to break down to be stored took some careful planning and once the lightbulb went on, it went great from there. A wee bit tight here and there but fixed with a thin blade cut.
Velly clever, these Yankees.....:shifty:
Very nice framerman:thumbup: You deffinetly do some unique jobs!

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