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No, not the late 70s band "All out of love" a great song. I was just all out of air. Three eighteen wheeler cab frames and six wheels to blast today and my Hobby air electric supply shuts down near the end of the job. I had of course the worst thing left. Two large wheels. The deep insides with all that blow back in my face and no air to speak of. I fogged up and couldn't see or breath. Perhaps that's why it's called (Hobby). As it happens my new Nova 2000 is coming in tomorow just in time. Hope your days all went better.
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Yesterday, I was Halfway on a basement wall (inside a residential house 1300 SqFt.)
The fuel pump on the compressor went dry? Thank god I got two air compressors and that I was colse to home.
We came home swapped the air coolers and went back to work.
The blasting was done in less than 4 hrs.
Now I’ve got to look at the pump???? There goes the profit today.
Like PA says, “ GET IT DONE!”
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I did get the Nova in the next morning and I really like it.

Jim did you use your new black max fan on that indoor job? What size fan did you get. I am considering the max16 at 5200 cfms. The 20 inch is kind of heavy, about 85 lbs and I think $1,700 The 16 is 45 lbs and I guess a lot cheaper. Do you think it would be big enough or would I regret not getting the 9500 cfm monster. If I ever use a dust sock with the 16 it will cut the cfms to about 3200.
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Yes I did use the max fan.
we placed it in the Basement window, and used the dust sock. Should have bought the sucker tube to run into the window, would of drawn out the dust better.

The basement was so big that it took awhile to air out. Had to crack the end of the dust sock open a little, but still worked good. we opened a window across from the fan for a cross draft.

I bought the 16" because of size and price. It does OK to keep up, but on the bigger jobs I should of spent the money for the big One 24"
I use it in my shop all the time.
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My air supply to my helmet is fed from my main compressor into a yellow filter with a regulator then out to my helmet. Seems to work okay but I do see those electric pumps you can buy is using the main compressor bad idea? Only thing I don't like is the rubber hose smell in the air but sure is nice when it's hot and I plug that air supply in. Doesn't take long to use up all the air in that helmet about 5 seconds of breathing. I have a ballerd with a cool tube but I doubt it will be cool enough for summer heat here.
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I havn't noticed a smell with the nova. The only thing about the compressor is the posibility of carbon monoxide. If it has an over heating automatic shut off you should be ok. My 2008 Airman does. There are carbon monixide alarms and moniters that I still mean to look in to. I set mine at 40 psi. It has quite an air flow. I think it will pretty comfortable in the heat.
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Glen I bought a Co monitor with my new Marco pot
if your running with the comressor air (and its required with OSHA)
you should have a alarm. mine works great. and makes me feel better about not going tits up!
if you blast alone, buy the remote light that goes with it.
you'll never hear the alarm when blasting even though it's loud.
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Thanks Dyer. i didn't know about the light. I figured the alarm would jusst let other people know why I was dead. I check with Marco and others on Mon.
I figured the alarm would jusst let other people know why I was dead.

LOL :laughing:
kell you need a breathing air quality hose from your filter to your helmet not a regular air tool hose...they sell them at marco...not cheap but well worth not smelling that smell all day.
dyer, did you buy the electric or air operated?i would guess the electric..they have quite a few options that i am currently looking at so i am wanting to know what is best.also are you talking about the flexible tube the goes between the fan and the sock?should i get one?
Todd I bought the 16", 120v fan. I was constidering the 12v but I already run to much off the compressor. I figured that if I needed it on a big job, I'd run a small gen to power it. so far every place that I've used it has had power.

I bought from marco they were good to me. Benny on another post has a name of people that sells the Black Max too.

The tube attaches to the front of the fan, acts like a sucker tube.
this way the fan and sock are out of the way, plus it keeps the fan clean too.

The 16 is ok for small and med jobs. some times in large areas I would like to have the big one. $$$

The sock however does cut the CFM down a little bit.
the more I use it the more I want a tube, it would be handy.
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