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Air in the gas tank?

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Having problems putting gas into my 06 Ford E-250 van. Gas attendent says it's because of air in the tank. How the hell does this happen and what'll it cost to fix?
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I think there is a vent on top of your gas tank that lets air out as fuel is being pumped in. Perhaps it is clogged.
that attendant is smoking crack. Most setups nowadays actually suck the air from the tank so that it is acutally vacuumed. Ever open the cap and have it fffffffffsssssppppt. < let out the pressure?

nvrmnd. Filling it you have a problem eh?
There are two lines on the filler. It either has an outer and an inner hose that is inside the bigger filler hose. The smaller inner house is the one the gas flows throught to get into the tank. The larger outer hose is the one the air escapes from the tank then it is being filled. They come together at the top where you put the nozzle of from the gas pump. I have seen the inner house come off an fall into the tank. You have to reattach it.
The other design is one smaller house and one larger house side by side. They go into the tank side by side. They come together at the gas door side where the nozzle goes. The smaller hose is the vent side and the larger side is the gas side. This setup can get pinched and swell. Any good auto parts store has gas filler house by the foot.
Either way air is not escaping when filling with gas. The metal part behind the gas door could be clogged on the vent holes.
Either a plugged vent or a problem with the EVAP system. Either way it should set the SES light. As said above the EVAP system intermittenly puts a vacuum on the tank to evacuate gas fumes. This system works off a fuel tank pressure switch so when the tank builds pressure then EVAP system comes on and the engine pulls the fumes from the tank to eleviate the tank pressure. This prevents gas fumes from being released into the atmoshpere and the consumer also gets more milage out of the gas in the tank.
have you tried pulling the nozzle out a little while filling?
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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