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AGTEK are they kidding?

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Pricey - forget about it!
First they are not at all helpful unless your willing to put down $850
to ask a question.
Second their prices are out of site (for what a godam CD and a security key) give me a break!
Third whenever there is any kind of update or improvement to their system you start all over $20,000 + ching a ching.
Forth their spare parts ie., a cursor list price to vendors $129 - Agtek
price $270 + tax
They don't seem to give a dam -Get wise there are other companies about to catch up with their technology for 1/3 the price and less.
They will eventuall price themselves out of business.:blink:
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Ok, we understand that you dont care for AGTEK. 1 Is there a reason for two threads? 2 Are you offering a better system? 3 Or are you going to continue to ***** about the same things through out as many threads as possible?
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We got it. We like it. We even do the paperless take off's from pdf files now depending on the size of the job.
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