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Aerial lift problem.

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Anyone ever have this problem.

genie z45/25 aerial lift, 2000 model.

2ndary boom is slow in the raising mode.
the jib boom is also slow.

When you hold either switch to the raise position,
then operate the other. they work as they should.

checked connections, all good,
fluid good, hot or cold-zero difference

note: machine hasn't been used for a few months.
but, worked fine prior to this job.

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Turn the speed knob to rabbit?
Or change the leveler to level ground.... :whistling
Give the foot peddle some gas.
GRIZ, I've been to the service area. no luck yet

engine speed doesn't matter.

I'm looking for some serious help. I have mechanical back ground.
looking for good technical advise.

Service calls are $400, hate to spend it, IF, un warranted.
I am certified to run a aerial not work on one.

So what you are saying is the speed control in the basket while set to rabbit doesn't affect the lifting nor pressing the foot peddle. Sounds like a sensor may be faulty.
How does it work when using the ground controls? I have a problem some what like that with my S-40 . drives me nuts. I readjust the controls , works fine then it can start acting up again, on mine thinking might be a bad wire. Good luck on trying to figure it out. Did you try and call Genie tec ? That does not cost anything.
ground controls are the same thing.

I believe it's an o-ring in the valve body.

see if anyone knows this problem
It was a O-ring in the control solenoid
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