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advice on radiator problem

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hey fellas,
i'm a carpenter and i really don't mess with plumbing. so here's the question.
I have a small 'kick space heater' in my bathroom, it's a hot water system that also uses electrical (??????) wasn't getting heat, so i bled it, it's working now but still not putting out enuff heat. worked fine last season. any suggestions?
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you really need a plumber in there to help.
im not clear onwhat the electrical is entire house heated by boiler,when was boiler last serviced? i usually tell people to flush the boiler atleast once a week on smaller units to keep sediment cleaned out. ;)
Are you talking about a toe kick heater with a fan? It is a hot water system with a thermostsat. When temp is met, a fan should kick on and blow the heat into the room,,, maybe the thermostat is bad and the fan is not kicking on. GMOD
If your Fan is coming on & you are not getting as much heat out of it, you most probably have a restriction. They are usually plumbed up using a directional "monoflow tee" which has a baffle in it & that might be where the restriction is....................... anyhow you will have to call a plumber if the fan is operating...............
Check blower operation, obstructions-vacuum out dust. Some models have a blower on/off hi -lo switch.
Independent thermostat for that room, which would control blower?
No blower, check electrical connections, circuit (electrician)
No heat in pipes , beyond bleeding checking if there are shut offs for that branch, you need the plumber.
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