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advice on gaining contracts?

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hi there every1! i started up my drainage company 2 year ago and have been building the domestic side to my business. i am now looking to go after bigger commercil jobs from architects. dose any1 have any advice on how to approch architects any info would be apriciated. regards rick
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Are Architects a good source of leads or would it be Civil Engineers that do the drainage studies and land planning.

You could visit your local zoning office and look up projects up for zoning and contact the people submitting the plans, owners, etc.

then create a folio of your skills, services.

Offer them some kind of consulting in the process. This may take months but, your name will be in their minds when it comes to starting the project. Sounds like you are on the very front end of a subdivision so it sounds like you need to get in there during the land planning process.

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