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advice needed on comm vinyl tile job

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This is a commercial vinyl tile 12X12... i think it's called vinyl....heck, im a carpenter not a tile man... hence the need for advice...

Its a 10'x10' laundry room, has com vinyl tile now.... has some holes in it from i assume moving the fridge, appliances around... about 15 years old... can the holes be filled and lay over the old with new? What's the best adhesive to use if it can be done? Any other tips... tricks you care to share... Much appreciated... I know nothing about vinyl tile... just doing this for a H/O that has been very good to me and want to get the job done right for him...

There is a wash/ dry, fridge and freezer that will have to be taken out and put back in... how long should i wait to put back on the new tile?

About all i know about this job is that i know how to cut and measure
(in that order:thumbsup::laughing:)
and how to lift appliances... That's about it and that if it can be over layed... it might be good to offset the joints from the new and old tiles.... just guessing that'd be good to do... I cant say for sure what brand of tile it is.... there's no box.... no literature, no instructions... was bought at a yard sale i guess. These are good folks that are kins old and on a set income... so i want to do a good job and use what they have.... can this be done? I told him i would ask the pro's here on the site and get back to him on do'ability.

Any help appreciated.
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offsetting the joints are a great idea and highly recommended.
You can strip the old floor to make sure the adhesive sticks to the old product. Who knows what was put on there in the first place. Wax? Get it off of there.
Fill any holes with portland based cement.
Use the proper adhesive from the manufacturer.

Remember, any lifting of the old product, will transfer over to your new floor.
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Armstrong floor stripper - found at any flooring store.

Armstrong 750 adhesive - also found at above mentioned store

yes...please read instructions and use correct trowel.
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