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We are doing a reno and the customer now wants us to also grade his 6,000 sqft lawn. Our plan is to get a tiller for our skid steer and tear off the top soil. When poking around with a metal stake (trying to estimate how deep the soft top soil goes), the top soil depth ranged from 1 1/2" to 10". Then we would go and regrade it with the skid steer and by hand to a slope of 1/4" per foot. Next we will mix fertilizer in with the top soil and spread it back over the new grade.

My first question, should we mix additional material in with the top soil? The soil is nice and soft almost all the way around, and currently growing a beautiful lawn. Are we just shooting for 6" of top soil spread back over?

Another question... We are most likely going to be able to get the grade we want without filling spots in under the top soil. If some spots are too low and need filling back in, what material would be best to fill large areas? Should a sand/soil mixture go in to avoid settling in later years? We are worried about getting a nicely graded lawn, just to have it settle with the same low spots it has now because we didn't properly fill them in.
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