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'Added' Bathroom

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Added this bathroom into an existing parlor, - - the area where the pedestal sink and the toilet (which is tucked behind that short wall) are located, was a closet, - - I enlarged and headered the door opening from about 30" to 48", - - the toilet is tucked under the stairs going to the second floor, - - but there's still plenty of 'head'-room (get it? :cheesygri ), - - the Neo-Angle shower barely fit in the design without moving the existing parlor window, - - I 'angled' the door-wall so as not to intrude on the room too much, - - the stone tile is 'square' with the door and angled shower, - - yet effectively diagonal in the sink/toilet area. The tiles are cut 'around' the shower base. Hard to get decent pictures on such a small room, - - but that's what the customer wanted, - - as 'small' a design as possible, - - anyway, - - you get the idea.
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Thanks, Glass, - - like Teetor says, - - this 'picture' thing is tough, - - I'll keep 'editing', - - and try to get it better.
Thanks 7, - - yeah, the opening was already there, - - it had been for a room air conditioner previously, - - but it worked out good because they didn't want an exhaust fan, therefore they needed an operable window.
Thanks guys, - - and yes, - - lots of angles that had to be charged accordingly for, - - definitely a very tricky job, - - the design worked much easier from above then below, - - all the utilities are located basically right below the sink and toilet of this new bathroom (heater, gas meter, water meter, sump pump, AC condensate lines, just to name a few), - - and the shower is located over a tight crawl space.

Yes, - - I did all the plumbing myself (and everthing else), - - the staircase runs behind and over the toilet, - - which made venting tough to figure, - - but luckily I was within the 5' rule, - - so I did a loop vent in the wall behind the pedestal sink, - - and tied that back in below to the old house vent.

As far as the supply lines to the pedestal sink, - - it's not by accident that they're hard too see, - - I installed them both to the right of the pedestal base, - - to try and hide them from view from the main room or upon entering the bathroom. I also painted the PVC drain arm a brighter white to better match the trimwork color, - - it's all in the details, right??

Here's a quick scan of the before and after on the design/location, - - sorry so quick and sloppy, but I'm on the run. ;)
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Oh, - - I got ya', - - yeah, they come through the wall, - - a little trickier to do, - - but looks much better. In fact, I also set them diagonally, - - at different heights, - - this way I could keep them closer together, - - yet out of each others way, - - and made it easier to hide them from view. Although I didn't do it yet, - - when I stop back the final time for the inspections, - - and a few odds and ends, - - I'll also disconnect the 'pop-up' drain bracket, bend it into a Z-shape, and re-install it, - - never to be seen again. Thanks again.
That's cuz I 'deleted' 'em once I ran out of room for more, - - I'll try to dig 'em up for you again. Gimme a little while.
Here they are, - - been meanin' to get back there for more pics once it was decorated and all, - - it's really lookin' sharp now, - - but anyway, here's the original pics.
Thanks, - - it's white, - - I just never was too good at gettin' pics to come through too clear.

Job took me 4 weeks working by myself, - - I bet I spent a week of that 'snaking' pipes (both supply and drain) in between ductwork and utilities below.

Toughest little job I ever did.
Thanks, Mike, - - that's a really great compliment, - - I'm hoping to get more pics of it next time I stop over there, - - now that it's decorated it really looks sharp, - - it's in an (1890?) home owned by a Private Inspector who has become a good friend of mine.

I'll post more pics when I can get them, - - but like you say, - - really tough to get pics of this one.

He is always 'recommending' me to homebuyers, - - and though I'm usually already booked, - - I would venture to say that 'meeting up' with a Private Inspector can potentially bring in a 'world' of remodeling business!!

I have gone out of my way to accept a (choice) few of these jobs, though, - - always good to have a guy like that 'battin' for you!!
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