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'Added' Bathroom

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Added this bathroom into an existing parlor, - - the area where the pedestal sink and the toilet (which is tucked behind that short wall) are located, was a closet, - - I enlarged and headered the door opening from about 30" to 48", - - the toilet is tucked under the stairs going to the second floor, - - but there's still plenty of 'head'-room (get it? :cheesygri ), - - the Neo-Angle shower barely fit in the design without moving the existing parlor window, - - I 'angled' the door-wall so as not to intrude on the room too much, - - the stone tile is 'square' with the door and angled shower, - - yet effectively diagonal in the sink/toilet area. The tiles are cut 'around' the shower base. Hard to get decent pictures on such a small room, - - but that's what the customer wanted, - - as 'small' a design as possible, - - anyway, - - you get the idea.
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I see that this is an old tread and I wasn't around then:jester: :no: , but nice job, all this praise and it's almost out of warranty.:laughing: :laughing:
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