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'Added' Bathroom

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Added this bathroom into an existing parlor, - - the area where the pedestal sink and the toilet (which is tucked behind that short wall) are located, was a closet, - - I enlarged and headered the door opening from about 30" to 48", - - the toilet is tucked under the stairs going to the second floor, - - but there's still plenty of 'head'-room (get it? :cheesygri ), - - the Neo-Angle shower barely fit in the design without moving the existing parlor window, - - I 'angled' the door-wall so as not to intrude on the room too much, - - the stone tile is 'square' with the door and angled shower, - - yet effectively diagonal in the sink/toilet area. The tiles are cut 'around' the shower base. Hard to get decent pictures on such a small room, - - but that's what the customer wanted, - - as 'small' a design as possible, - - anyway, - - you get the idea.
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Thanks, Glass, - - like Teetor says, - - this 'picture' thing is tough, - - I'll keep 'editing', - - and try to get it better.
Two thumbs way up. I like the little crank out window nice touch. :Thumbs: :Thumbs:
Thanks 7, - - yeah, the opening was already there, - - it had been for a room air conditioner previously, - - but it worked out good because they didn't want an exhaust fan, therefore they needed an operable window.
Nice job! Lots of angles, hope that you charged accordingly.
The window is also nice, I assume that it meets egress codes, LOL
Tom R nice job! I'm Curious did you tackle the plumbing yourself? What was done with the water lines? The norm you would be able to see the hot shut-off. The pedestal has always been known as the "plumbers nightmare" that install looks great!!
Nice job Tom. That one took a lot of planning to execute it as well as you did. Talk about getting the most from a small space!
Thanks guys, - - and yes, - - lots of angles that had to be charged accordingly for, - - definitely a very tricky job, - - the design worked much easier from above then below, - - all the utilities are located basically right below the sink and toilet of this new bathroom (heater, gas meter, water meter, sump pump, AC condensate lines, just to name a few), - - and the shower is located over a tight crawl space.

Yes, - - I did all the plumbing myself (and everthing else), - - the staircase runs behind and over the toilet, - - which made venting tough to figure, - - but luckily I was within the 5' rule, - - so I did a loop vent in the wall behind the pedestal sink, - - and tied that back in below to the old house vent.

As far as the supply lines to the pedestal sink, - - it's not by accident that they're hard too see, - - I installed them both to the right of the pedestal base, - - to try and hide them from view from the main room or upon entering the bathroom. I also painted the PVC drain arm a brighter white to better match the trimwork color, - - it's all in the details, right??

Here's a quick scan of the before and after on the design/location, - - sorry so quick and sloppy, but I'm on the run. ;)
Oh I knew the water lines were hidden for cosmetics, I just could'nt tell if you went thru the floor or wall. I remember you posting about this job before and stating, you're plumber said it was impossible to pipe. You definitely deserve to pat yourself on the back or as we say give yourself an "atta boy"!!! :Thumbs:
Oh, - - I got ya', - - yeah, they come through the wall, - - a little trickier to do, - - but looks much better. In fact, I also set them diagonally, - - at different heights, - - this way I could keep them closer together, - - yet out of each others way, - - and made it easier to hide them from view. Although I didn't do it yet, - - when I stop back the final time for the inspections, - - and a few odds and ends, - - I'll also disconnect the 'pop-up' drain bracket, bend it into a Z-shape, and re-install it, - - never to be seen again. Thanks again.
i can't see the pics for some reason....???
That's cuz I 'deleted' 'em once I ran out of room for more, - - I'll try to dig 'em up for you again. Gimme a little while.
Here they are, - - been meanin' to get back there for more pics once it was decorated and all, - - it's really lookin' sharp now, - - but anyway, here's the original pics.
sweet lookin bathroom

is that sink white or almond?? in the pic it kinda looks amond??? if so why an ammond sink with all the white trim? Man it looks really sharp though. Good work.How long did it take you from start to finish?
Thanks, - - it's white, - - I just never was too good at gettin' pics to come through too clear.

Job took me 4 weeks working by myself, - - I bet I spent a week of that 'snaking' pipes (both supply and drain) in between ductwork and utilities below.

Toughest little job I ever did.
I see that this is an old tread and I wasn't around then:jester: :no: , but nice job, all this praise and it's almost out of warranty.:laughing: :laughing:
Tom, if you could manage some pics that really show it, (probably impossible since the space is so tiny and cut up), but that project was so unique I could see it running in Fine Homebuilding based on the problem solving aspects involved in order to fit a bathroom in a small space like you did.
Thanks, Mike, - - that's a really great compliment, - - I'm hoping to get more pics of it next time I stop over there, - - now that it's decorated it really looks sharp, - - it's in an (1890?) home owned by a Private Inspector who has become a good friend of mine.

I'll post more pics when I can get them, - - but like you say, - - really tough to get pics of this one.

He is always 'recommending' me to homebuyers, - - and though I'm usually already booked, - - I would venture to say that 'meeting up' with a Private Inspector can potentially bring in a 'world' of remodeling business!!

I have gone out of my way to accept a (choice) few of these jobs, though, - - always good to have a guy like that 'battin' for you!!
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