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"actual cost of materials"

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Looking for someone for a one-time job of installing a new grass roof on an old tiki hut. Our old one is starting to leak and we use it a lot, so we want to put in a beautiful new roof. You must have your own tools and obtain the grass roof (we will pay for the materials, of course).

Dimensions and details of the job can be discussed. We will pay for actual cost of materials and labor, which can be negotiated. Looking for someone who can take care of this ASAP.
Guess where I found this ad?

My response:

I can do this job for you, but we need to be clear on a few details.

First-the materials.

If you wish to pay only the actual cost of materials, there are two ways to accomplish this:

1. Acquisition is solely your responsibility. I will provide you a list, for a reasonable fee.

2. I can pick up the materials, but I will need the money from you beforehand.

If I am to use my money to finance material purchase, you will be paying a 35% markup. This is in addition to any finance charges (OAC)


In addition to the tear off and installation of the new roofing, I will be billing labor charges for the following:

Time spent on material takeoff
Time spent shopping for materials
Time spent on pick up and delivery of materials.
Vehicle charge

Labor will be billed at a rate $65.00/hour. This is non-negotiable.

Am I missing anything?
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Did they reply back?
Not yet. I just sent it right before posting here.

I'm thinking of sending another repsponse under another email. One will that will guarantee I get the job. Then show up with a couple bags of top soil and a bucket of grass seed.:laughing::laughing:
I emailed a guy last night looking to have 5 acres tractor mowed. Told him I'd do it for $565.00. Haven't heard back yet. I figure I can knock out 3 acres an hour so the job shouldn't take all damn day.
too late, he's already got 3 goats out there working on it...:laughing:
too late, he's already got 3 goats out there working on it...:laughing:
You're right, I should resubmit a lower bid involving 5 gallon cans of gas and road flares. Now which way does the prevailing wind blow...
This is a Swedish Restaurant that I stopped at in Sister Bay located in Door County Wisconsin.

Al Johnsons Restaurant.

Cool Roof!!! :thumbsup:


:laughing: meet bob's new helpers
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