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Since many around here may not know what type of product Acrovyn is, you may not get many responses. Think of Acrovyn as a much thinner version of FRP and made of plastic instead of fiberglass. It comes in a bunch of colors. Basically a thin sheet of plastic used to protect walls.

If I MUST miter the trim, I use a carpet knife since the blade is thinner than a regular utility knive. A scissors works pretty good as well but cut the face seperate from the rest of the trim. (It crushes) However, you may be ODC and over thinking it. Most trim joints are simply straight/butt cuts. If in doubt, you may want to have the architect take a look before your get too far along. If the trim is cold, it doesn't cut well. A heat gun set on low helps.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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